• rosalinddobson

Maybe It's Not You?

Modern society has a lot to answer for.

As it turns out living in our modern western world and being mentally totally well is pretty impossible.

We are lead to believe that we are the problem. Something has gone wrong in our minds. Our mental health is faulty. It is very often our employer who seeks to help us. This might be through mental health awareness at work, a course of therapy or most likely a GPs appointment which leads to prescribed drugs. In his new book - Sedated - How Modern Capitalism Created Our Mental Health Crisis - Dr James Davies (Atlantic Books) argues that this is only done in order to get us back to work and to keep the wheels of capitalism turning. We have fully engaged with this and 'Mental Health' and the drugs prescribed for it has become almost a new religion. A new 'opium of the people'. Religion and social causes have all but died away and we all need something to belong to. The difference now is that we are encouraged to keep our mental health problems to ourselves so we never have a chance to air the issues that might unite us and bring community action. I would thoroughly recommend a deeper look at his work as I am only touching the surface of his arguments.

So maybe it is not our fault. We live in a capitalist society. There is little room for softness or ease. Money drives everything and for a lot of people, many who are struggling just to survive, this makes life feel unbearable. But you can't opt out - you have to keep going and you have to try and get yourself fixed. Guilt and shame are often the drivers that keep us going.

I believe that the society and social conditions we live in should all be taken into account in the therapy room. Yes there may be issues and behaviours in our past that need exploring but we and our mental health do not exist in a vacuum. There may well be nothing wrong with you but therapy can provide a space to work out how we can best exist and grow in the society we currently have.