• rosalinddobson

Where are we now?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Thursday 25th February 2021.

Welcome to my new blog.

Like many of us my life has been in suspended animation for over a year.

Speaking to many of my peers over the last few days, the question that has come up is, why, when we have been told this is nearly over, do I feel so flat and depressed and why does everything (including homeschooling) suddenly feel even harder?

So I think we should address the fact that we have all been through a huge collective trauma.

Last year was filled with stress, tension and fear as we all fought to adapt to the new way of being. We did it but we held the stress deep inside. We were asked to completely change the way we lived our lives. Comparisons to wartime were made but only because that was the only experience that seemed close. A similar fear was certainly there but this time there was no collective support as all the things we build our lives around in order to survive were stripped away. But we did it.

Then this year’s lockdown came and was different. We knew how hard what was coming would be. So we shut down, we stopped feeling and hoping, we did this in order to survive, to keep going. We suppressed anything that would make this any harder. In psychological term we disassociated. So this is where we are now. We are locked down in all ways. The end is in sight (and I believe it is) but we are too traumatised to process that right now. Our feelings will start to re-emerge, our hopes, dreams and worries and we will find these difficult. We can joke about June 21st and what we might do but I don’t think we really know what we will feel.

We must be very gentle with ourselves and our loved ones too. Give yourselves time to feel what you are feeling and accept it. The time for action will come but I do not think it is now. The children are being asked to re-emerge first and they will be feeling all of this. I will write more on this next time.

I believe it really helps to talk to each other about all of this. Our collective response will help us all feel better and find a way to keep going and move on.